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Working at WIV-ISP means becoming part of the Scientific Institute of Public Health, the reference in Belgium!

  • As a scientist, you will develop an expertise in the field of health. In this context, you will work on practical research projects and on exciting topical issues, in the interest and for the benefit of society and every citizen. You have the chance to be in contact with national and international players in the Health network.
  • As a laboratory assistant, you perfect your mastery of laboratory analysis and take part in the development of new analytical methods. 
  • As a membre of the support services and the General Directorate, you contribute to supporting the activities of the scientists, while improving your technical and generic skills.

At WIV-ISP, we pay particular attention to you achieving a balance between your professional expectations and your personal priorities. A variety of advantages and facilities are available to meet your needs and enable you to work in an effective manner.

Discover below the advantages that will allow you to combine your professional development with your lifestyle.

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Welcoming you and integrating you, key elements for a good start

Joining WIV-ISP means contributing to a healthy life for all

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