Discover in a glimpse the services we offer at people and businesses.

Working at WIV-ISP means contributing to a healthy life for all.

WIV-ISP is interested in partnering to further its public health mission.

WIV-ISP is the point of contact for public health issues. You can call, e-mail, write or visit us. 

4 directorates supported by administrative offices.

WIV-ISP uses 14 advisory panels and committees to obtain independent expert advice and recommendations.

For more than a century, WIV-ISP has been the reference in the field of public health.

WIV-ISP's employees recognise their responsibilities and share core values.

WIV-ISP must implement all necessary measures to ensure the reliability of its work.

WIV-ISP faces different types of emergencies that can impact public health.

Discover WIV-ISP's activities by illustrating figures.