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WIV-ISP info is the central point of contact for information about the Scientific Institute of Public Health.

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The media relations team is WIV-ISP's official voice towards the media. Discover WIV-ISP's press releases and health news.

WIV-ISP respects scientific standards for all its sample analyses. Get instructions for analysis request, sample preparation and transport.

Working at WIV-ISP means contributing to a healthy life for all.

The Scientific Institute of Public Health (WIV-ISP) is the scientific reference in the field of public health.

A comprehensive range of general health information on a variety of topics. Get informed and make healthy choices.

WIV-ISP performs External Quality Assessments for third parties to evaluate their product's properties or their safety with respect to human health or the environment. 

Practical information and procedures for Health Professionals.

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